Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Altered project: desk calendar

My son, Zach, was asked to do a project - a 'Talaarawan ng mabubuting asal' for his Filipino subject. I decided to let him use a recycled material instead of buying him a notebook in a bookstore.

This is what we came up with - an old desk calendar. Mostly discarded at the end of the year and in our department alone, I was able to gather a lot. I decided to make it useful. And now I'm using it for my son's project.

Here is what it usually looks like,

I cut the lower portion which makes the calendar stand so that it will look like a notebook or an album.

Then what I did was cover the calendar pages with other colorful papers. I purposely did not cover the entire page as the page itself is colorful already so I made use of it also.

Then I placed another clean sheet of paper on top where my son can write his talaarawan entries,

I also made a cutout of son's name at the front cover looking like this,

So there, ready for my son's entries and to be submitted to his teacher. We hope to make more of this but hopefully next time showcasing some of our family short trips. Still has a lot of projects in line. :)