Friday, July 6, 2007

Mini me!

One of my first few tries in digiscrapping...using Microsoft Publisher before I finally got hooked. : )

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Family picture

This is so cute! Ok, I'm being biased. : ) This was drawn by my four year old son, Zach. While hubby and I were busy preparing our dinner and doing household chores, he suddenly exclaims "ayan!". I asked him what he had done this time, he came up to me and handed me this very little piece of paper showing me this picture. He said that it is our family picture. : )
Afterwhich he told me that I should put this inside my wallet which he immediately got from my bag and tried with all his might to insert the paper in.
I thought it was the sweetest thing! If you look at the drawing, he even mimicked the goatie of his dada. : ) I can still remember the time when Zach was just a year and half, he learned to hold a pen properly and next thing I knew he began to draw a face. Come to think of it, he got it from both his parents.
Now, I have it in my wallet as requested by my son. But it is simply too cute to just put it in there so I decided to make a simple layout out of it. Atleast I can share the talent of my son to everyone. : ) : ) : )