Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lolo's Jersey

Ok, the jersey Zach is wearing in this layout is the same jersey Lolo Tlen (as Zach calls him) used during his "kabataan days". Imagine, for a four year old to wear something a 30++ (then) man wore... : ) Ah...those were the days when men wear short shorts and fit jerseys. Haha!
I just hope Zach develops his skill in basketball just like his Lolo. I actually introduced him in this sport since he was 4 months old. I bought him a small court then and placed it near our bed. When he finally learned how to hold a ball with his two hands, he would automatically shoot the ball in the hoop. Now, he dribbles & plays well. : ) Medyo nabibigatan lang ng konti sa katawan since he spends more time eating than sports. : )

Kidzworld, Cavite

For the first time in my entire stay with the present company I'm in, they decided to have a Family day as part of our company summer activity.

Held in Kidzworld Cavite, my two boys enjoyed the whole day with my office buddies and their respective families. This is one precious moment for me as a mom since Zach is slowly learning to mingle with other kids. In fact, he is so fond of Shane (Erika's niece) that he makes her strike a pose and takes her photo. Truly a different bonding experience. : )

Happy Together

Taken during the wedding of our friend, Milett & Jojo Concepcion. Posted as their veil sponsor.

Photos by Frank

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Seeing Doubles

They say my son, Zach looks like me... But my son does not want to! He says he looks like his Dada...
This photo was taken May 2006 after the wedding of a friend. My photographer friend, Frank Dizon of Imagineer Digital played with his camera capturing the smiles of Zach. To my surprise, my son is "all game" for the shoot even though he just woke up from his afternoon nap when I came home. I'm so happy with the outcome I decided to scrap a page.
Layout done with CorelDraw.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Family Getaway 2006

This is the album up until this time I have not yet finished and printed. Wehehe. Ok, the cover and the first few pages, I was able to make in 2 days but since work swamped me and I don't have Corel at home, the project was brushed aside.
Anyway, this was one of my first doodles in CorelDraw. Enjoyed the software so much I was able to make several layouts. I hope to finish the album and have it printed within the year. Talk about time frame. : )


I finally gave in...What else is there to say? Hehe. This blog site will probably be used as an online gallery of my doodlings and scrapworks. I hope to inspire others with my posts soon. See you around! : )